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- Rosanna -

Birth: 17.07.2020

Color: Sable/White


Weight: 30 kg

Height: 75 cm


Will be updated in 2022


​Staraja Russa Radosha came to us from Kennel Staraja Russa in Finland. Her every-day name became Rosanna.

Rosanna is a lovely young lady. She is very independent and confident, but she loves closeness, cuddles and playtime with her humans. 

Her first day in the Tough In Fluff gang she acted like she had always been there. 

Rosanna is a brave and carefree girl who never backs down from a challange.

She is good friends with all the other dogs, but her all time favorite is Dahlia. She will run and run and play in high speeds with Dahlia, and they can do it for hours. But if she is in the mood for a rough wrestling match, she goes to her little friend Cookie. Cookie is happy to assist, and Rosanna gets her ass kicked. 

It's not rare to hear a scream coming from where they are playing, and usually that means Rosanna is on the floor, with Cookie stuck in her ear and trying to rip it off...

Rosannas favorite activity in the every day life is sitting in the garden and keeping watch over her kingdom. There is always something worth studying, and if you call her name she takes a long time to consider if the reason you are calling is fun enough to make up for lost watch time. What if there is a deer walking past while she is inside?

Rosanna belongs in our pack and she has really settled in well. 

We are exciting to see what her future brings.


"Tomboys are confident, rebellious, and adventurous.

They are bold, brazen, fierce and sexy.

They aren't known for following rules, they are known for doing whatever they want."

-Lizzie Garrett Mettler-

Staraja Russa Radosha - Borzoi
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