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Om oss

We are Jørgen and Maria Sellgren and we live in Søre Osen in Trysil municipality.


Kennel Tough In Fluff was established in 2017, the same year we got our first Terrier Brasileiro.
Chloè was really only going to visit us while we were waiting for our puppy so we could get to know the breed better, but she stayed put and has since given us many beautiful puppies both in the form of children and grandchildren who have all grown up here by Lake Osensjøen.

Sommarkveld ved Osensjøen.

Our thoughts around breeding have always been based on the fact that we want to produce healthy and good specimens of our breed, but with a goal that each generation should be an improvement on the previous one. When you work with genetics, a lot of strange things can happen, of course, but we do our best to take into account health problems and temperament when planning new combinations, and we never want to have a litter just for the sake of having a litter. There is always a plan and a thought behind our choices.

Ella og Cookie på topptur

In our experience, the Terrier Brasileiro is a very fun breed, they all have big personalities. It is a relatively high-energy breed in general, ours are very fond of lazy days on the sofa, but they need to use up their energy both physically and mentally. They are very smart, and all our terriers respond very well to various mental work. The breed is described in standards as reserved towards strangers, in our own dogs this is true with about 50%, while others are extremely social and love everything and everyone from the first second. And we try as best we can to assess these personalities in puppies when we choose homes for the little ones, but there is of course no guarantee with a living beeing to say how they will become when adults. A large part of that will be up to how new owners work with them and socialize them from puppyhood.



To learn more about the breed, you can find more information here:

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Terrier Brasileiro - Norwegian Terrier Club


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Otherwise, just contact us for a dog talk if desired!

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