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- Auri Tough In Fluff & Espetveit's Dear Dante of Dama -


The 30th of August 2023 our H-litter was born.

Auri, a first-time mum, was quite chill about it all and delt with her new role very well and natrually.

6 perfect little Terrier Brasileiros were made and all of them were strong and healthy. Both the mama, the pups and the birth had no problems what so ever and it was a very plesant experience for all.

All of the babies have gained weight every day since birth and Auri is doing great as a mama. 

​We now have 6 new members to the Tough In Fluff pack:

1 - Isabela bob with bobtail

2 - Brown boy with long tail

3 - Brown boy with long tail

4 - Isabela female with long tail

5 - Isabela female with bobtail

6 - Isabela female with long tail



We are looking forward to getting to know the little ones in the time ahead!

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