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- Breeding plans-

If you are interested in buying a puppy from us or being a co-owner get in touch so we can get to know each other and if we come to an agreement we can discuss relevant litters and plans.

We do not have a first-come, first-served principle and all our puppies are sold to the home that seems to be the best home for that particular puppy.

We always welcome those interested in future litters and are happy to talk about dogs with interested people.

We have puppies now after:


Puppies from Kennel Tough In Fluff are ready for delivery when we feel they are ready.
At the very least at 8 weeks of age, but we have kept some puppies until around 12 weeks if we feel it is needed.

We are usually able to see who needs a bit more time in the nest and who is ready to leave earlier a long time before pick-up days arrive so everyone is in the loop all the way on the development of their puppy.

Usually we will be able to keep a puppy longer if it is needed for practical reasons. 

We prefer if the buying is able to come visit us before pick-up but we of course understand this is not always realistic. Especially in these times. 

The puppies welcome their first visitors from earliest 5 weeks old, because at this stage they are starting to be aware enough to actually be able to realize they have guests and they are more able to interact and remember their new families.

All our puppies are delivered with:

Registration in NKK(Norwegian Kennel Club)




Food they know

Safety blanket

A well known toy

Some treats we know they like

Their first baby harness

A simple leash

Insured in Agria

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