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- Aitana & Livi'n on Love's Prince of Koran -

Terrier Brasileiro

In the middle of the night the 21st of August Chloè gave birth to her third and final litter. It was a long process for both humans and Chloè, but thankfully it resulted in 9 healthy, beautiful and perfect little ones! This litter was bred in co-operation with Kennel Maienya. 

Chloè is an experienced and loving mother, who takes excellent care of her little ones even tho it might be a little tights on space around the milkbar!


The father of the litter is Livi'n on Love's Prince of Koran, a handsome young boy who we have been lucky enough to borrow from Kennel Livi'n on Love. 

Terrier Brasileiro


Aitana - Terrier Brasileiro


This combination resulted in all of 9 little darlings who have now joined the Tough In Fluff family!

These were born:
1 - Ezekiel - Black male, bobtail

2 - Eira - Isabela female, bobtail

3 - Egrom - Black male, bobtail

4- Efrim - Black male, bobtail

5 - Endor - Blue male, long tail

6 - Ezra - Isabela male, bobtail

7 - Elune - Blue female, long tail

8 - Echo - Blue male, bobtail

9 - Lord Eragon - Black male, long tail

This litter is bred in co-operation with Kennel Maienya.

We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who care for our fur-babies.

Much love to you all!

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