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- Aitana & Livi'n on Love's Prince of Koran -


In the middle of the night the 21st of August Chloè gave birth to her third and final litter. It was a long process for both humans and Chloè, but thankfully it resulted in 9 healthy, beautiful and perfect little ones! This litter was bred in co-operation with Kennel Maienya. 

Chloè is an experienced and loving mother, who takes excellent care of her little ones even tho it might be a little tights on space around the milkbar!


The father of the litter is Livi'n on Love's Prince of Koran, a handsome young boy who we have been lucky enough to borrow from Kennel Livi'n on Love. 

This combination resulted in all of 9 little darlings who have now joined the Tough In Fluff family!

These were born:
1 - Ezekiel - Black male, bobtail

2 - Eira - Isabela female, bobtail

3 - Egrom - Black male, bobtail

4- Efrim - Black male, bobtail

5 - Endor - Blue male, long tail

6 - Ezra - Isabela male, bobtail

7 - Elune - Blue female, long tail

8 - Echo - Blue male, bobtail

9 - Lord Eragon - Black male, long tail

This litter is bred in co-operation with Kennel Maienya.

We will keep 1-2 puppies from this combinaton in our home, but who is not 100% decided yet.

Ezra will stay within Kennel Maienya.

We have one boy avaliable from this litter, more information under for sale.

We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who care for our fur-babies.

Much love to you all!

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