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- Dahlia -

Birth: 11.​05.2019

Color: White/Beige


Weight: 30 kg

Height: 72.5 cm


ECVO – Clear

DM - Free


​Bodarov Aura was re-named Dahlia when she joined the Tough In Fluff pack. 

When she came to us from Kennel Bodarov all the little ones thought she was a very strange creature. With her calm demeanor and friendly being she charmed the gang quickly. She was adopted by Chloè, who had a litter her age, and became a sister to Auri. Auri and Dahlia grew up together, and they still act like siblings. 

Dahlia was not sure about this second Borzoi idea we came up with at first. Dahlia does consider herself a terrier, and when Rosanna came into the home Dahlia had no idea what kind of animal that was. She soon figured out that this new dog thing ran a lot faster then the terriers, and Dahlia was getting used to the idea of having a running mate. Now Dahlia and Rosanna are very close, and usually they do everything together.

Dahlia was the first Borzoi in our home, and of course she made us want more.

She is a real daddys girl and prefers to be with Jørgen at all times, he is very weak when it comes to telling his girl no, so she is slightly spoiled.

Dahlia has done well at shows until now, and just before the country shut down she got her first CAC.

She competes in Lure Coursing trials whenever we have the opportunity to go, and in spring 2022 she even brought home a first place and CAC from a Swedish trial! We are looking forward to her future in racing! 

Jørgen and Dahlia have completed scent tracking trails together, with approval and full marks on their first trial.

Our forever princess-diva.


"I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics.

Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young.

They're still princesses."


-Frances Hodgson Burnett-

Bodarov Aura - Borzoi
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