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- Aitana & Sofalex Yolo Da Silva -

Terrier Brasileiro, Brasiliansk Terrier, valper, puppies

The 17th of April was a big day for our kennel. Kennel Tough In Fluffs first litter arrived, with 6 beautiful puppies, all healthy and happy!


The mother of the litter is Aitana, or Chloé as she is called here. She proved to be a very good and caring mother, taking excellent care of her young ones.


The father is Sofalex Yolo Da Silva, or Paolo as he is called at his home in Sweden.

Terrier Brasileiro


Aitana - Terrier Brasileiro


We were left with 2 girls and 4 boys:

Auri Tough In Fluff - Stumpy tail, dark brown.

Aiela Tough In Fluff - Long tail, brown.

Arran Tough In Fluff - Bobtail, dark brown.

Arol Tough In Fluff - Bobtail, light brown.

Aslan Tough In Fluff - Long tail, light brown.

Argo Tough In Fluff - Long tail, brown.

Our little darlings grew up way to fast and all of a sudden it was time for them to leave for their new homes.

Auri stayed with us, she has done very well in shows and she will be bringing us the second generation of Tough In Fluffs. 

Arol lives in Sweden now, the rest of the litter is spread out in different places in Norway.

We think they are all stunning and we are so happy to get updates from everyones lives still!

We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who care for our fur-babies.

Much love to you all!

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