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- Maienyas Isabela Storm & Herr Hexaedro da Pedra Filosofal -

Terrier Brasileiro

Friday the 19th of August Storm gave birth to her second litter. The result was 5 healthy and perfect little Terrier Brasileiros! 

Storm did great during the entire process, and she had it all under controle. She has been a excellent mother from the first second. 

Father of the litter is Herr Hexaedro da Pedra Filosofal, he lives in Austria and Storm got pregnant by insemination with imported sperm.

Both mother and father are very happy and social dogs that have done very well at shows both taking home championships!

We are very happy to welcome these little ones to Kennel Tough In Fluff! 

Terrier Brasileiro


Maienyas Isabela Storm - Terrier Brasileiro


These babies were born: 

1 - Darth Sidious - Male, isabela, long tail

2 - Darth Maul - Male, isabela, long tail

3 - Darth Traya - Female, isabela, long tail

4 - Darth Vader - Male, blue, long tail

5 - Darth Hexid - Female, isabela, long tail

This litter was bred in co-operation with Kennel Maienya.

We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who care for our fur-babies.

Much love to you all!

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