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- Lundella av Querido Ludo & Maienyas White Diamond -

Terrier Brasileiro

The 24th of August 2022 our F-litter entered the world. Ella and Balto became proud parents of four little ones who were all healthy, happy and beautiful!

This is Ellas first litter, but the birth happend with no issues at all, and after her initial shock of having living creatures coming out of her, she quickly started loving on her puppies! 

A surprise for us all was that one of the pups came out in the "wrong" color, after getting her DNA tested we can confirm she is in fact recessive red of color, or "ee". 
We got no complaints, as we got four healthy and strong puppies, and that is really all we can wish for. 

Ella is a great mother and she took great care of her babies.

The father of the litter is Maienyas White Diamond. On loan from his family!

Terrier Brasileiro


Lundella av Querido Ludo - Terrier Brasileiro


Four little cuties came out of this combination and they have now become a beloved part of the Tough In Fluff pack!

These were born:
1 - Faded Unicorn - Female, long tail

2 - Floki - Black male, long tail

3 - Furie - Brown female, bobtail

4 - Florence - Black female, long tail

They have all left for their own amazing homes and we wish them all the best in the future!

We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who care for our fur-babies.

Much love to you all!

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