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- Kika GF DO BR Alvorada DF & Tobby Rancho Grande -


Early morning the 02.12.2022 our G-litter war born. They arrived a bite sooner then we had guessed so Kika was sleeping in our bed at the time. We woke up to her staring to push out her pups right on top of us! She got quite offended that we moved her to her birthing area, but she still did an amazing job and made 3 perfect and healthy pups! 

Kika is a wonderful mother and takes excellent care of the little ones, they have all gained weight steadily since birth. 

We now have 3 new members in the Tough In Fluff family:

1 - Black boy with long tail

2 - Black female with long tail

3 - Black female with long tail



We are looking forward to watching them develop further!

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