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- Storm -

Birth: 07.06.2017

Color: Isabela Tricolor

Tail: Long

Weight: 7 kg

Height: 34 cm


Eyes – Clear

Patella – Free

MPS – Free





​Swedish CACIB - 2019
Swedish Nordic CAC - 2019

Storm carries the genes bbdd, this means she can in theory give birth to puppies of any color. This of course depends on what male she is paired with.

Storm came to Kennel Tough In Fluff from Lise Kristïn Tømte who breeds Terrier Brasileiros under the name Kennel Maienya here in Norway. She is co-owned by the two breeders.

She is a strange and amazing girl that loves everyone and everything. 

She is the diplomat of the pack, always trying to make friends and cuddle, even if her sister is trying to bite her leg…. She will give kisses back. Hopeless romantic.

Storm has grown into a beautiful lady, she has shown herself to be a great show and working dog. We are training her in Nosework, as well at playing with coursing. And she loves it!

She has an approves scendetection test for birch and is ready to start competing in Nosework.

In our home she is often called Stjojm, that nickname is inspiried by her attitude. Storm sounds  a bit tough, and she is really not. She is a big softy and she always needs some sympathy, either shes not getting enough cuddles, enough food, or enough attention. She will come up close and try to sneak onto your lap. Ears all the way back and eyes as big as the moon. She melts everyones hearts and very often gets her way with guests. Really when doing this she stops looking like a T.B, and starts looking like a very sad baby seal... 

Even though she identifies as a baby seal she does strangely enough give beautiful T.B babies. She is a wonderful addition to our breeding. 

Maienyas Isabela Storm - Terrier Brasileiro

“Don’t worry if people think you’re crazy. You are crazy.

You have that kind of intoxicating insanity that lets other people dream outside of the lines and become who they’re destined to be.”

-Jennifer Elisabeth-

Maienyas Isabela Storm - Terrier Brasileiro
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