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- Auri -

Birth: 17.04.2019

Color: Brown Tricolor

Tail: Bob

Weight: 7.2 kg

Height: 36 cm


Eyes – Mild distichiasis, otherwise clear

Patella – Free

MPS – Free



2x Norwegian CACIB - 2022
Norwegian Nordic CAC - 2022

Auri carried the bbD? genes. We have one unknown here, and this means that we do not know if she can make dilute(isabela/blue) puppies. We hope that her first litter will be able to clear things up for us and tell us if the last letter is a D or a d. 

Auri is an amazing young lady. She has a lot of attitude and personality, at the same time she is the sweetest and most silly little girl. Auri is from the Kennel Tough In Fluff A-litter, who was our first Terrier Brasileiro (Brasiliansk Terrier) litter. 

As we assisted in the birth, and saw her come to life, we instantly knew, she was staying with us. And we have not had any regrets on that decision! She has been a wonderful addition to our kennel.

This girl loves to be where the action is and she thinks the best thing in the world is show-training or shows with Maria. The worst thing in the world on the other hand is having to wait outside of the ring while Maria is showing other dogs.

She is a sassy young lady with some diva-tendencies if she feels she is being treated unfairly.

Auri is pure joy and love, and is a huge part of our family. We can't wait to welcome her first litter.

That litter will be the very first second-generation Tough In Fluff litter! 

Auri Tough In Fluff - Terrier Brasileiro
Auri Tough In Fluff - Terrier Brasileiro

"The bird dares to break the shell, then the shell breaks open and the bird can fly openly. 
This is the simplest principle of success. 

You dream, you dare and you fly."

-Israelmore Ayivor-

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