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- Chloè -

Birth: 27.01.2017

Color: Brown 

Tail: Long

Weight: 8,5 kg

Height: 38 cm


Eyes – Clear

Patella – Free

MPS – Free


Chloè has the bbDd genes. This means she can in theory give birth to puppies of any color. This will of course be influenced by the male she is paired with.

Chloè has lived with us since she was quite young, it was meant to be a temporary situation, but we just fell in love, and she has been here with us at Kennel Tough In Fluff ever since. 

She is owned by Kennel Maienya, but we have a happy agreement to share our lovely girl.


Chloè is the mother of two of the Tough In Fluff litters, the A-Litter and the B-Littter. The B-Litter was bred in co-operation with Kennel Maienya.

Our girl Auri is her daughter from her first litter.

Not only does she have one daughter in the pack, but she is the acting mother of all of the others. Chloè keeps the younglings in line, and shows them where the limits are in the pack. At the same time she loves everyone, so much. 

She is the T.B in our pack that spends the most time before she trusts new people in our house completely, but when you earn her trust she will love you endlessly and intensely. She loves humans a lot, she just needs some time when making new friends. We love it every time we get to watch her be vary of a new person at first, but then go to running to their lap for cuddles and playtime. When she trusts you, you are her human, and she will want to be as close as possible. 

Chloè is a stable and calm dog in our every day life, and we have been able to use her to train insecure dogs out in the world. She is always cool, calm and collected on walks, in the forest of in the busy city, happy to greet people and animals, but never showing unstable energi to the other dogs. She is an excellent example for our young ones learning to walk in the city especially.

A wonderful lady in every way!

 Aitana - Terrier Brasileiro

"A strong woman is the lifeline of her family. She carries within her the power to endure pain and the courage to sacrifice.

She has the power to create and nurture life. She is indeed the epitome of love and sacrifice."


-Aarti Khurana-

Aitana - Terrier Brasileiro
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