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- Chloè -

Aitana - Terrier Brasileiro

Born: 27.01.2017 ​       Colour: Brown tricolor​         Tail: Long tail


Chloè has lived with us since she was quite young. Originally it was supposed to be temporary as Maria would help to socialize and train her. But we fell completely in love with this lady, and she has remained in Kennel Tough In Fluff ever since. She was bought and owned by Lise in Kennel Maienya, but shared between us in terms of breeding rights.

Chloè is the mother of three of Tough In Fluff's litters, the A, B and E-litters. The B and E litters were done in collaboration with Kennel Maienya. We ourselves have kept several puppies after Chloè, and currently we have Auri and Nemo who are from two of her litters.

However, she is the mother of our entire pack in practice. Chloè keeps the youngsters in check and explains where the boundaries are each day in our pack. At the same time, she loves everyone infinitely.


She is the one of our Terrier Brasileiros that takes the longest time to become completely comfortable with new people who come into her house, but if you have won her trust, then she is yours forever. She is extremely fond of people and it is always fun to watch when she makes new friends. She goes from a bit unsure, to sitting on your lap or cuddling next to you all the time. 

Out in the world, Chloè is very confident and good, and she does not care about what other people in the world are up to. She is very useful to take on trips, for example with unsure dogs, as she exudes self-confidence and joy for new adventures.

Chloè has the genes bbDd. This means that she can produce all colors in her offspring. As she has also done. But now she is retired and enjoys raising her grandchildren instead of her own babies. 


A lovely lady in every way!



Known health results:
MPS free via parents
Patella 0/0
Eyes Clear


Aitana - Terrier Brasileiro
Aitana - Terrier Brasileiro

"A strong woman is the lifeline of her family. She carries within her the power to endure pain and the courage to sacrifice.

She has the power to create and nurture life. She is indeed the epitome of love and sacrifice."


-Aarti Khurana-

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