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- Voltaire -

Birth: 28.05.2021

Color: Tricolor


Weight: 40 kg

Height: 83 cm


Will be updated in 2023
DM - Free


Built for Speeds Still Standing came to us from Built for Speed Borzoi here in Norway. We named him Voltaire, or Volt for short. Voltaire is a wonderful young boy that thinks the world is a chill place and he dosnt get worked up for nothing. He gets along with the pack very well and we are excited about his future with us.

He is the first Borzoi boy in the Tough in Fluff Pack and we are very curious to see how he will handle living in a pack full of pretty girls when he gets older.

Volt is a happy and simple guy, he will stroll off on walks alone to look at the world and explore things, or sometimes just to sleep under a random bush on his own if the ground looks comfy.

He loves the entire pack but from the very first day he fell in love with Rosanna. He loves to follow her around just to see what shes doing or going on an adventure with his best friend.

Voltaire is a little thinker and he loves sitting around looking at things and considering what's going on.

We are looking forward to letting him try both coursing and the show ring when he gets a bit older and we are hoping for many amazing years together with this boy.


"It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce."


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